Acquiring Editor Janet Clementz


Janet Clementz earned a Bachelor of Science in Education at Black Hills State University in South Dakota, and Post Baccalaureate hours in English Literature from the University of Houston, in Texas.

Janet’s Credo: Writing fiction is my addiction, but editing is in my DNA. 

Background / Interesting Facts: Janet learned to adapt early in life, thanks to a name that is rarely pronounced correctly and often misspelled. (Facebook has a cute little pronunciation tool, so check out her page.)

Janet loves traveling and her adventuresome nature spurs many road trips. She’s lived in four states, and has visited thirty-nine of the fifty—so far. A seven-year stint overseas with her native-Texan-oil-patch hubby allowed excursions to four of the seven continents.

An award-winning author, she resides on the southern edge of San Antonio’s Hill Country with her husband, whom she’s kiddingly nicknamed Captain Bulldog. Janet spends her spare time with family and friends, or binge-watching eclectic TV series and old movies. She belongs to several writing groups and is a decades-long member of RWA. She’s published under the pseudonym of Jaye Garland.

What led Janet to editing: Back in the Dark Ages (prior to the Internet) Janet’s high school guidance counselor advised that a degree in English with an eye toward becoming an editor seemed her perfect career choice. Sounded great to her, but having been raised on the vast Great Plains, the young rancher’s daughter viewed life in the “big city” as daunting and a bit…dangerous. Granted, she could head off a stampeding herd of cattle and hit a rattlesnake’s buttons with a .22 rifle, but ask her to maneuver the public transit system or a city subway? Nope, wasn’t happening.

Fast forward a couple decades… After marriage and raising two smart-talented-handsome sons, living abroad just short of a decade and traveling the world, the biggest cities are now some of her favorite destinations. And, these days, thanks to the Internet, her office can be anywhere in the world.

What she’s looking for: Janet is on the lookout for manuscripts with the potential to become legends in the industry. Write intelligent, crisp stories with well-motivated characters, then crank up the emotion, and you’ve got her attention.